Vineyard Men's Retreat 2018


Let's Do This!

Vineyard Men, come gather together again from across the South Central Region for the 2018 men's retreat, Strengthen Your Core!

This retreat is about becoming more like Christ; for him, for ourselves, and for our families. This year we will dive into the very core of what makes us who we as Christian men. We'll learn together how we can strengthen the deepest parts of ourselves, while also working to release the burdens and fears we often carry in this journey we are on with God.

This weekend is a chance to connect with God and friends, both old and new. We will recharge, and refill, our spirits in the natural setting of His creation. Join us for a retreat that is designed to galvanize our area men’s community and strengthen our core in Christ.

A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.

Chinua Achebe

  Main and Plain Details

  •   Date: Nov 2-4
  •   Loc: Trinity Pines Center
  •   Cost: $189
  •   Speaker: Rob McLachlan


Speaker: Rob McLachlan

Born in the heart of South Africa at the height of apartheid, Rob became a Christian at 12, started preaching at 14, was drafted and became an officer in the apartheid military, married at 22, went to bible college, became a youth minister and worship pastor, and then left church completely for five years before returning.

Always entrepreneurial he had his own companies and eventually was the largest private developer of affordable housing in South Africa.

The real thing lacking was the spiritual growth and formation that Jesus spoke about, which he found in the practice of the Spiritual Disciplines in 2008. This set him on a journey of fairly radical transformation which continues to this day. Rob has a Masters in Divinity with a certificate in Spiritual Formation and is now the co-pastor, with his wife Ruth, in a church plant called One River Vineyard in the inner Southwest corner of Houston.

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